Q&A With ODU Reliever Adam Wisniewski

April 25, 2011
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

April 25, 2011

Adam Wisniewski Q&A by Donnell Coley, ODU Sports Information Intern

Q. You are a native of the Hampton Roads, area (Granby High School) was that important for you in deciding to come to ODU? A: Absolutely. I was recruited to ODU after high school. While I went to junior college I kept in contact with the ODU coaches and they liked what I had to offer.

Q: What is different between the junior college game and playing at ODU? A: The talent. Most guys in junior college are young, either freshman or sophomores, and don't have a lot of experience. Here, you have fourth and fifth year seniors that have experience and know what their doing. Experience is a big difference and the key, I would say.

Q: You lead the team in saves this season, what did you do to prepare for this season? A: I had a rough year last year and my goal was to make myself better. This summer I changed a few things, mostly mental. My mental approach was a lot different. I got more of an aggressive approach.

Q. What type of leadership role do you have now being a senior? A: I don't like to yell or tell people what to do. I just let my actions speak for themselves and lead by example.

Q: What experience have you brought to the team? A: I think just sitting in the bullpen talking with the other guys. Tell them how to come in and relieve. Teaching the young guys how to be ready when they are called upon.

Q: What is your major, and what are your plans after graduation? A: Sports management. I want to be an athletic director, coach or something in the field of baseball.

Q: What are your hobbies? A: I'm a big video game person. I mostly play MLB The Show. I also like playing basketball in the gym.

Q: What's in your iPod? A: I like Linkin Park.

Q: Favorite MLB player? A I like Mariano Rivera.