Isaiah Worthy
Isaiah Worthy
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Learn About Your Monarchs: Q&A With Isaiah Worthy

August 10, 2014
By ODU Athletics

Throughout fall camp will do Q&A's with members of the Monarchs.  Today's chat is with freshman linebacker, Isaiah Worthy.

Q: When you came to Old Dominion on your recruiting trip, what was it about the school, fans or fellow players/coaches that made you decide to come here?

A: Starting off with the coaches, they were honest with me throughout the whole recruiting process. My junior year was when they first started recruiting me and Coach Z (Asst. coach Mike Zyskowski) told me that I had to get squared away academically and they would start recruiting me. I got squared away and they kept their word and offered me right away and I have appreciated that. When I got down here I could tell the team was family oriented and I like how they push us academically as well as on the field. The players welcomed me with open arms and I have appreciated that as well.

Q: What was your favorite subject going through high school?

A: History. I love learning about history and what our country has been through and how we overcame things.

Q: What do you plan on majoring in while at Old Dominion?

A: Currently I plan on majoring in business..

Q: How long have you been playing football and who introduced you to the sport?

A: I’ve been playing football since fourth grade. Football has always been around me, my dad played college football at Nebraska, so ever since I was little he had me running around with a football and I would wear his jersey.

Q: What is the most difficult aspect of playing in the linebacker position?

A: Learning whether it is a running or passing play. Whether it’s a draw or play action, that is the hardest part because of the different kind of reads you have to pick up.

Q: Have you been outside of the country on vacations? If so where did you go?

A: I have been to Canada. Yeah I had a track meet in Buffalo, so we went to Niagara Falls and there was a bridge that took you to Canada so I was in Ontario for a little bit. That was pretty cool.

Q: Is there a player in the NFL current or past that has a similar playing style to your own?

A: Well Ray Lewis is my idol and who I try to model my game after. I look to Patrick Willis as well as Terrell Suggs. I would say those three.

Q: Who would you say is your favorite NFL team? And is there a particular team that you love to root against?

A: I am a die-heart Philadelphia Eagles fan. And I love to root against the Cowboys.

Q: If you could not play football, what sport would you turn your focus towards?

A: Probably basketball. I just like competing and basketball is the only sport I’ve played; since I was in the second grade and though I am not quite as good at it then I am at football, basketball would be the sport I would choose.

Q: Who is the one person you look up to the most? How did they influence your life?

A: Ray Lewis is one person I look up to the most because we have similar backgrounds. So if he is able to grind through certain things, I know I am able to grind through certain things. I look up to my mother as well. She has always been there for me and any time I need help I know I can go right to her.

Q: Which super hero is your favorite and why?

A: My favorite superhero is Superman, but I think the best superhero is the Silver Surfer, because he cannot die.

Q: Do you have a pre-game ritual or routine that you do before every game?

A: In high school we all came together in the weight room and listened to music. I always put my tape on first, sit there and listen to music with my friends. I go eat a certain snack, I eat sour patch watermelons. Drink a Gatorade and listen to a play list of speeches.

Q: What type of speeches do you listen to?

A: Motivational mostly. I listen to a couple of ‘Rocky’, the ‘How bad do you want it’ speech; I listen to that before every game.

Q: Do you have a favorite television show that you really like to watch every week?

A: ‘SpongeBob’, the old episodes. My friends and I can quote that all day. ‘SpongeBob’ And ‘Family Guy’

Q: What was the most memorable play you had while playing high school football?

A: The first thing that comes to mind would be blocking a field goal to win the game against Paulsboro in high school. They are one of our rivals and it was an awesome feeling. My dad was there and got to see me play so that was pretty awesome.

Q: Is there a particular song that you play to get pumped for any situation?

A: ‘Till I Collapse’ from Eminem. No matter what I am doing, whenever I hear that song I just go harder at whatever I have going on.

Q: What are your plans or goals when you finish your time here at Old Dominion?

A: My goal is to own a business, sport psychology business. If that doesn’t work I want to play in the NFL, that’s my number two goal. My number one is to get a degree, build my own business to become a sports psychologist and if that doesn’t work out I will continue my football career.

Q: What does your scholarship mean to you?

A: I am extremely appreciative of my scholarship. I was looking at the expenses of what my college books cost and I realized I don’t have to pay any of that. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for this scholarship.

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