Monarchs Reflect on London Tour

October 14, 2003
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

Oct. 14, 2003

The Monarchs enjoyed a very successful four-game tour to London, England during their fall break. Below are some thoughts from team members about the experience.

Drew Williamson (Freshman guard from Burlington, NC.) "At first, I didn't know what to expect, but after I got there I realized there are a lot of similarities. I guess the biggest differences are the clothes, driving on the left hand side of the road and having pork and beans for breakfast. There is a very busy nightlife in London. My favorite part of the tour was going over the tower bridge."

ODU TRAINER HELPS TRAVELER While everyone was on their way to the gate at Gatwick Airport, athletic trainer Scott Johnson (MS, Ed, ATC) stopped to help a traveler in trouble. "He had a seizure," said Johnson. "I supported his head, opened the airways so he could breath easier." Johnson stayed with him until medical help arrived. Scott has been the assistant athletic trainer since 1988.

John Morris sophomore guard from Camp Hill, PA.) "This was my second trip to London. I came over during my senior year in high school. I didn't really appreciate the trip the first time. There is so much history, and culture in England, that you can't get it all done in a day. The castles, the bridges, the traditions, you realize just how young we are as a nation."

Alex Loughton sophomore center from Perth, Australia. "I have been to England a number of times. Obviously Australia and England are very similar, such as driving on the same side of the road, but we have our differences as well. In the United States everyone follows football along with basketball and baseball. In England, local pubs are packed to watch soccer and rugby. In Australia, Australian Rules Football is king."

Kiah Thomas Junior guard from Norfolk, VA. " It can be quite a culture shock when you have never traveled away from the United States before. It really takes some getting use to, especially with the driving on the other side of the road. Crossing the street and looking right when you are use to looking left for oncoming traffic. It was kind of scary, but a big time learning experience."

Ed Isaac Sophomore team manager from Killingly, CT. "It is always good to learn about other cultures when you get the chance. It can be a bit overwhelming, exchanging money, seeing the steering wheel on the righthand side of the car. The is some much to their culture, the grand architecture, and history. We as Americans sometime have tunnel vision. It is interesting to see how everyone gather around the pubs to follow soccer and rugby, while we were all trying to find out what the NFL, college football and baseball playoff scores were. Now I realize what many international students go through here in the States."

John Waller Senior co-captain, Richmond, VA. "My experience in London was quite good...This was my first time to an overseas country, so that in itself was exciting...It was fun being a foreigner for once...I got a chance to see some of the most well-known landmarks in history...The Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and the famous Buchingham Palace....After seeing all these landmarks on TV and then actually getting to see them in person was a great experience...I have a lot of good memories to look back on in the future"

Compiled by Carol Hudson, Jr. Sports Information Dir.