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ODU Competes at Rivanna Romp

Courtesy: ODU Athletics
Release: November 15, 2009
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Nov. 15, 2009

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- After four unexpected days off from training altogether thanks to the massive storm that flooded much of Norfolk and shut down the Old Dominion campus, the Lady Monarch rowing team decided to travel to UVA and compete in the Rivanna Romp according to schedule.

The Varisty 8 event set the Lady Monarchs against the 2009 #2 NCAA team, Virginia, who were five 8's deep just on the Varsity side. In addition to the Cavaliers, a very seasoned field of Tennessee, Miami and Penn were also among the competition.

"We are committed to racing the fastest toughest teams we can to learn what it takes to compete with them," said head coach Heather Weisel. "This means that we will have regattas where some of our boats will take some hits while we're in that learning curve. The results, while sometimes painful, will push us forward faster."

The Frosh/Novice 8 proved to be the highlight of the day for ODU with the Lady Monarchs coming in second to UVA's A boat and 33 seconds ahead of third place Penn.

"Our freshmen had a solid result today," noted Weisel. "They're showing the potential for some good speed which is essential to developing the depth of our new team."

"Overall, we knew coming into this that we were behind the eight ball because of all the days off this week, but we know how invaluable the experience of racing these teams is for us," said Weisel of the Rivanna Romp. "While we certainly are not happy with some of our results, I'm really proud of the way we handled this whole situation. Everyone was focused and committed to go after it no matter what. Its that kind of determination that will help us create a top level program and this winter will be important for sure. Its a journey and we'll just keep at it one step at a time."

The Rivanna Romp marked the final race for the ODU women's rowing team this fall. The Lady Monarchs this spring will have a spring training trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida, the Blue & White Intrasquad Regatta, in addition to competing against Alabama, Oklahoma, and at the Knecht Cup, Souther Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships, CAA Championship, and Dad Vail Regatta.

Rivanna Romp Results:

Women's Varsity 8
1. UVA A - 13:15.54
2. PENN A - 13:46.66
3. TENN A - 13:48.73
4. UVA C - 13:50.29
5. UVA B - 13:53.26
6. MIAMI A - 14:16.14
7. TENN B - 14:22.26
8. TENN C - 14:31.37
9. PENN B - 14:36.13
10. UVA E - 14:38.61
11. MIAMI B - 14:43.07
12. UVA D - 14:45.91
13. ODU A - 14:52.29
14. ODU B - 16:14.64

Women's Novice 8
1. UVA A - 14:06.93
2. ODU A - 14:45.26
3. PENN A - 15:18.29
4. TENN A - 15:38.59
5. UVA B - 16:20.00
6. TENN B - 16:20.91

Women's 4+
1. UVA A - 15:07.86
2. UVA B - 15:30.68
3. PENN A - 15:33.46
4. UVA D - 15:34.92
5. TENN B - 15:35.00
6. TENN A - 15:48.36
7. UVA C - 15:50.03
8. MIAMI B - 15:52.29
9. MIAMI A - 15:57.67
10. ODU C - 16:11.75
11. UVA F - 16:17.69
12. PENN C - 16:18.19
13. PENN B - 16:18.81
14. ODU A - 16:20.98
15. UVA E - 16:23.72
16. PENN D - 16:35.95
17. TENN C - 16:49.25
18. ODU B - 17:12.29


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