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ODU Wrestling: Where Are They Now? Kyle Hutter '11

November 14, 2017
By ODU Athletics

NORFOLK, Va. – The three-time All-Academic All-American and three-time NCAA Qualifier, Kyle Hutter answered some questions about what he’s doing now since graduating Old Dominion in 2011. Hutter was also a the assistant coach at ODU from 2011- 2017.


After graduating ODU, what made you decide to become a wrestling coach?

Deciding to coach wrestling was not something I knew I wanted to do immediately. I decided to stay at Old Dominion initially to give back to the program that was able to give me so much. I wanted to help my old teammates achieve some of their goals while I decided to go back to school to work towards my Master’s degree. It became a lot more than that pretty quickly as I was able to see some of those guys reaching their goals on and off mat. I was able to see and be a part of what went into the entire process behind the scenes. I was definitely hooked.

What are you doing now that you’ve stepped away from coaching?

I am now a Financial Advisor at Raymond James. I help guide families and small businesses move towards their financial goals. We collaborate together to find out what their goals really are and find the best way to get where they want to be. Our goal is to help them find the financial security they have been looking for. It has been an unbelievable experience thus far working with people who truly care about helping others. Not surprisingly, the ODU Wrestling community has been very supportive. My aspiration is to assist them and any others related to the ODU family.

What’s the best thing you learned in the wrestling room that you use in daily life now?

Wrestling is an awesome sport which has permitted me to see and realize the parallels between life and wrestling. In wrestling, there are going to be a lot of roadblocks and tough times that step in front of you and your goals. The only way to get through those challenges is to face them and not back down. Wrestling helped me see these and is without a doubt something I am reminded of on a daily basis.

Being a three-time NCAA qualifier, what’s the best advice you can give to an ODU wrestler to achieve their goals?

Keeping the sport in right perspective was the hardest thing for me to do in college. Understanding wrestling is just a sport, it doesn’t define who you are as a person, and is there for a short time means you must control the things you can control and give consistent effort through the 5 years you have. Have fun and enjoy the entire process; the good times and the hard times.

How did you manage to juggle majoring in both accounting and finance and excelling in wrestling?

Coach Martin always talked about the importance of knowing and deciding what our priorities were in college. Academics was always #1 ahead of wrestling. I had to make the decision to get my school work done in the time I had away from wrestling. Everyone knew when Coach Martin had you in the wrestling room, it was about wrestling. We had to set the time away from the wrestling room for our academics. Being able to make the right decisions, stay disciplined, and forcing yourself to do the things you did not want to do, made sure they all got done.

What’s your favorite memory from ODU?

Seeing good results and wrestlers reaching their goals are always great memories, but my favorite memories are still going to be the camaraderie with my old teammates, coaches, and athletes. Those are the friendships that will last a lifetime and definitely mean the most. I can’t thank ODU enough for everything it has done for me. The university and wrestling program definitely helped prepare me for the challenges I face now. Good luck this season and Go Monarchs!

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