72 and counting. The Old Dominion baseball program has produced a total of 72 MLB Draft selections in its history, including first round pick and 2011 AL MVP Justin Verlander. 

Overall, 29 different Monarchs have been selected in the MLB Draft since 2000. View the complete list of draftees since 2000 below.

Light blue shade denotes active in majors, minors or Independent League.
Asterisk (*) denotes second time selected in draft.

Year Player Position MLB Team Round Overall
2017 Zach Rutherford SS Tampa Bay Rays 6th 169
2017 Jared Young 2B Chicago Cubs 15th 465
2017 Adam Bainbridge LHP Kansas City Royals 30th 900
2016 Nick Hartman RHP Toronto Blue Jays 9th 282
2016 Connor Myers OF Chicago Cubs 27th 824
2015 PJ Higgins 2B Chicago Cubs 12th 353
2015 Greg Tomchick RHP St. Louis Cardinals 27th 821
2015 Taylor Ostrich 1B Kansas City Royals 34th 1029
2014 Ryan Yarbrough * LHP Seattle Mariners 4th 111 
2014 Conner Overton RHP Miami Marlins 15th 437
2013 Ben Verlander OF  Detroit Tigers  14th 426 
2013 Ryan Yarbrough LHP Milwaukee Brewers 16th 602
2011 Kyle Hald  LHP  St. Louis Cardinals  18th  560 
2010  Joe Velleggia * C Baltimore Orioles  40th 1198 
2009 Joe Velleggia C Baltimore Orioles 42nd 1256
2008 Daniel Hudson RHP Chicago White Sox 5th 150
2008  Anthony Shawler RHP Detroit Tigers 9th 283 
2008 Dexter Carter RHP Chicago White Sox 13th 390
2008 Ryan Bergh RHP Philadelphia Phillies 26th 796
2006 Jason Godin RHP  Kansas City Royals  5th  137 
2006 Kevin Gunter RHP Cincinnati Reds 13th 384
2006 Pat Nichols C Washington Nationals 16th 481
2006 Dana Arrowood RHP Detroit Tigers 38th 1132
2005 James Burok RHP Colorado Rockies 8th 237
2005 Needham Jones LHP Chicago Cubs 36th 1090
2005 Jesse Schoendienst 2B St. Louis Cardinals 40th 1218
2004 Justin Verlander RHP Detroit Tigers 1st 2
2004 Donnie Smith RHP St. Louis Cardinals 4th 120
2004 Brandon Carter SS Los Angeles Dodgers 40th 1198
2002 Ryan Williams RHP Los Angeles Dodgers 10th 301
2001 Jeff Eure C Milwaukee Brewers 18th 538
2000 Tim Hummel SS Chicago White Sox 2nd 52
2000 Brian Ross LHP Cincinnati Reds 15th 453


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