NCAA First Round: Old Dominion vs. Marquette Quotes

March 21, 2004
By ODU Athletics

March 21, 2004

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Old Dominion Head Coach Wendy Larry

"Anytime there is an eight-nine game I think you can always anticipate that it will be a tremendous game. When you get to the NCAA Tournament you know that it will be a physical game. You just don't know to what extent it will be a physical game. You have to make adjustments during the first five minutes of play depending on how the officials will call the game. We anticipated a physical game and we got what we anticipated. Anytime that a game goes down to the last possession where you have a chance to win or lose it it's a tremendous battle."

On Marquette's last play:
"It was a fraction of an inch from the sideline out of bounds. I can honestly tell you that from my perspective they stopped playing because they thought that they had the violation. When they realized that she wasn't out of bounds it was too late to recover. I didn't see the intentional foul and so I wouldn't be able to comment on that. It's my understanding that she did have her hand on her back. The way the game was called throughout the evening makes you wonder how the intentional foul in that situation didn't give her an and-one, but we have to live with it. That's a situation that was very unfortunate because it was a scramble."

"There were thirteen lead changes so I don't think we were just hanging on. I thought it was a tremendous game. You play the game; you have some runs and match runs. With the players that were not in sync for us, I think Lawana Davis struggled today and I think Monique Coker really struggled after her third foul. She let the game get taken from her after that third foul. I think she thought she had a clean block when she took the ball out of her hands but I think they called a hip-check. Monique really thought that was clean and it was hard to get her back. Mentally she had taken a tremendous blow at that time."

"Actually we were decisively down in rebounding at the half. We were down four rebounds, and they had eleven offensive rebounds. They got eight offensive rebounds in the second half. [Christina] Quaye had her way on the offensive glass. If you want to talk about paying attention to her, she just went after the offensive boards. I bet that of her points, four or five of them were stick-backs. She did a tremendous job of getting on the glass. We said in the locker room downstairs that from the jump it would be a situation where the team that rebounded the best would win the game. You could throw all the other stats out of the game. We had some taken from us. We didn't play strong enough initially. We had possession of the ball and gave it up because we were not strong enough with the ball."

"We were playing a game of chess at the end with how we were matching people up against their match-up zone; putting people in certain positions to create opportunities. We had Max [Nhassengo] initially in the corner but we found that they were bringing their opposite forward up so we just put Myriah [Spence] in the baseline corner to make the extra pass and hopefully find her."

Old Dominion Senior Monique Coker

On the play of Christina Quaye:

"It was a real physical game, like Coach [Larry] said. She posted up big and got a lot of layups. For the most part when she got the ball it was because of the help off of her and we either didn't rotate or whoever was guarding her probably shouldn't have helped at that time. She got a lot of open looks."

Old Dominion Senior Max Nhassengo

"We weren't trying to keep it close. We were trying to go on runs but they were stopping us on defense. We couldn't get some of the loose balls, they just got away."

Marquette Head Coach Terri Mitchell

"In the locker room before the game there were no inspirational speeches. We didn't want our season to end, and we've been down this path a lot with playing great teams. We felt very prepared coming out of Conference-USA and that we were going to be ready for the competition. It was just a matter of staying very focused and staying with the game plan. If you have followed our team and know anything about us, we've been down many games. We weren't worried about that because we knew that ODU was going to come out in our face. They're a physical, tough team. It was a great basketball game; time ran out and we were the ones that were on top. We were fortunate to end the game on our run, because obviously it was a game about runs back and forth. We just have a lot of fight, and we ended it the right way."

"Down the stretch, we wanted to keep going inside. We were just going to go with our normal high-low offense. We actually didn't run a special play. We just wanted an attacking attitude. There was nothing special with the scramble except that we told 'Q' [Christina Quaye] in the timeout, 'You stay around the paint.' We wanted her in rebounding position and at halftime we talked about how she was 4-of-6 and to keep going in to her until they stopped her. I thought our team was really good at seeing opportunities and getting her the ball."

"We've been in so many close games. We're not going to quit until the final buzzer goes off. We're not the kind of team where even when we win there's a big disparity in the score. It's always close. We try to do a lot of our practices like that. We do a lot of disruption drills in practice. There are very specific rules about what you look for when there's a disruption. I'm not saying that any of that went through their minds at the time, but I just know that 'Q' jumped up and down tall enough that we could find her."

"At halftime we talked about the Big Three (Shareese Grant, Monique Coker and Max Nhassengo). They were all scoring, and we just had to know where they were. I thought our players were tempting Shareese too much by trying to get up on her. I wanted them to back off and make her beat us from the outside, because she was getting into the paint too easily. She's a terrific player and her quickness and athleticism are outstanding. We just had to keep doubling and tripling in the paint and make them kick it outside. We felt very strongly that was the only way we were going to win."

"Every game that our team goes through is another level of experience. I just got done coaching against a legend in Wendy Larry, and that's special for me. Now with the possibility of going up against Duke and Gail [Goestenkors], they're masterminds. They know the game and they prepare their players. It just makes me have to be sharp in every way. It helps us grow-just playing against Duke and knowing that they're the very best in the land right now. You're going to come out better, and the young kids for the future of this program will come out better."

Marquette Freshman Christina Quaye

"We've been saying that we're not freshman anymore. We've been through a semester of school. We're into the season and in the post-season, so it's just time to step it up and play hard. I know what I'm capable of, and I just try to do whatever I need to do to get the win."

"Rebounding has been a major focus. Actually, in the beginning of the year we would end up losing a lot of battles, and we decided that if we actually wanted to get where we are now, we would have to rebound. So rebounding has been our pride, and we just go after the ball."

Marquette Sophomore Carolyn Kieger

"We play against teams like Old Dominion all the time in Conference-USA, and I think that helped us. We've faced it before, so we knew what to expect. I just think that the confidence of knowing we had faced teams like that before helped us."

On the possibility of playing Duke:
"If you want to get on top and get better, you have to play the best. So we're excited about it."

Marquette Senior Kelly Schwerman

"I think that's a strength of our team. Any given night, any one can go off. This was just Christina's (Christina Quaye) night; she was scoring. We don't have any selfish players on this team. We don't care who scores as long as we get the 'W'."

On the game-winning basket by Quaye:
"I think she got lost on the weak side. Everyone stepped to the ball and there was a scramble. They just forgot about her under the basket."

On playing Duke
"If they end up winning, we're looking forward to it. How many college players get the opportunity to play a number one seed in the NCAA Tournament? It's such a great tradition, such a great building, and it's going to be a lot of fun. It's what we've wanted all season, and it's great to finally come true."

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