<!--REPLACE WITH STORY TITLE HEADLINE--> :: <!--REPLACE WITH STORY TITLE TEASER--> Old Dominion Sailing-2000 Spring Schedule/Results

Date	Event				Host			Result
2/12-13	Women's Doublehand		C of C			2nd place
								(A Div: Barkow/Capozzi 3rd/61)
								(B Div: Clement/Bower 1st/42)
2/19-20	Charleston Intersectional	C of C			8th place
								(A Div: Allen/Curran 7th/82)
								(B Div: Thorvaldsen/Cochran 5th/48)
2/26-27	SMC Team Race			St. Mary's		4th place

3/4-5					ODU Open 		4th place
								(A Div: Jansen/Bartley 1st/51)
								(B Div: Simpson/Capozzi 6th/77)

Georgetown Team Race			Georgetown		4th place

3/11-12	Charleston Team Race		Charleston		5th place	

Women's Intersectional			Navy			5th place
								(A Div:Barkow/Calderbank 7th)
								(B Div: Chechak/Bower 4th)

Ice Free Invitational			CNU			2nd place
								(A Div: Capozzi/Vaugh 5th)
								(B Div: Cobb/Cochran 1st )

3/18-19	Truxton Umstead			Navy			5th place
								(A Div: Burns/Pescatello 5th)
								(B Div: Lawrence/Thomas 12th)
								(C Div: Funk 5th)
								(D Div: Hernandez 3rd)
Women's Intersectional			St. Mary's		9th place
								(A Div: Barkow/Calderbank 12th)
								(B Div: Chechak/Bartley 5th)

3/25-26	Aaron Szambecki Team Race	ODU			6th place

MAISA/SAISA Open			Hampton			5th place
								(A Div: Capozzi/Cobb 2nd)
								(B Div: Ford/Vaughn 6th) 

4/1-2					Kings Point Dinghy
					USMMA			5th place
								(A Div: Funk/Biondi 3rd)
								(B Div: Thorvaldsen/Cobb 9th)

Arrigan Memorial			Georgetown		3rd place
								(A Div: Jansen/Bartley 3rd)
								(B Div: Barkow/Cochran 3rd)

4/8-9					Friis Trophy Team Race	
					Tufts			7th place (4-5)

MAISA Team Race				Navy			4th place (5-5)

Washington College Women		Wash. Coll.		2nd place
								(A Div: Clement/Bower 2nd)
								(B Div: Simpson/Cobb 2nd)

4/15-16	Admiral's Cup			USMMA			10th place
								(A Div: Burns/Pescatello 9th)
								(B Div: Dunn/Schulz 16th)
								(C Div: Hernandez 8th)

4/22-23	Thompson Trophy			Coast Guard		5th place
								(A Div: Burns/Pescatello 9th)
								(B Div: Castagne/Thomas 2nd)

MAISA Open (Freshman)			USMMA			6th place
								(A Div: Jansen/Capozzi/Bower 9th)
								(B Div: Simpson/Cobb/Capozzi 2nd)

MAISA Women's 				SUNY Maritime		2nd place
								(A Div: Barkow/Calderbank 2nd)
								(B Div: Chechak/Bartley/Ruiter 3rd)

4/29-30	America Trophy			ODU			Norfolk, VA

5/28-29	ICYRA Women's Championships	St. Mary's		7th

6/5-7	ICYRA Dinghy Championships	USMMA			5th


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