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Friday, Feb.191:30South Carolina1ODU2
Saturday, Feb.2010 a.m.Kentucky3ODU6
Sunday, Feb.211:30Tennessee15ODU9
Tuesday, Feb.233:00ODU5at Duke7
Wednesday, Feb.243:00Virginia0ODU1
Friday, Feb.263:00Rutgers3ODU11
Saturday, Feb.271:00Rutgers1ODU4
Sunday, Feb.281:00Rutgers3ODU8
Friday, March 53:00St. Francis (N.Y)4ODU7
Saturday, March 61:00St.Francis (N.Y)0ODU6
Sunday, March 71:00St.Francis (N.Y)1ODU10
Tuesday, March 93:00Delaware State3ODU14
Wednesday, March 101:00Norfolk State5ODU12
Thursday, March 113:00Cleveland State5ODU13
Friday, March 123:00Cleveland State1ODU7
Saturday, March 131:00Cleveland State2ODU6
Sunday, March 141:00Brown UniversityODURained Out
Tuesday, March 163:00ODURained Outat Radford
Wednesday, March 173:00ODU6at Virginia Tech8
Friday, March 192:30ODU2at Richmond0
Saturday, March 202:00ODU6at Richmond10
Sunday, March 211:00ODURained Outat Richmond
Tuesday, March 234:00ODU7at William & Mary4
Wednesday, March 243:00UM Baltimore County4ODU17
Friday, March 262:30ODU5at George Mason4
Saturday, March 272:00ODU9at George Mason12
Sunday, March 281:00ODU18at George Mason6
Tuesday, March 307:00ODU8N.C. State4
Wednesday, Mar. 313:00ODU24at Liberty10
Friday, April 37:00James Madison8ODU2
Saturday, April 32:00James Madison5ODU7
Sunday, April 41:00James Madison9ODU19
Monday, April 57:15ODUat Norfolk Tides (exh)
Wednesday, April 73:00ODU10at UNC-Charlotte0
Friday, April 97:00ODU0at UNC-Wilmington2
Saturday, April 107:00ODU4at UNC-Wilmington8
Sunday, April 111:00ODU5at UNC-Wilmington6
Tuesday, April 135:00ODU4Liberty2
Wednesday, April 147:00N.C. State5ODU7
Friday, April 167:00Va.Commonwealth11ODU7
Saturday, April 172:00Va.Commonwealth7ODU6
Sunday, April 181:00Va.Commonwealth9ODU8
Tuesday, April 207:00ODU13at Norfolk State5
Friday, April 237:00East Carolina14ODU4
Saturday, April 242:00East Carolina9ODU2
Sunday, April 251:00East Carolina2ODU5
Monday, April 267:00ODU20at Virginia Commonwealth11
Saturday, May 12:00Appalachian State0
Sunday, May 95:00Radford8ODU14
Monday, May 103:00Radford1ODU6
Tuesday, May 112:00ODU10at Wake Forest17
Friday, May 145:00William and Mary0ODU3
Saturday, May 155:00 pmWilliam and MaryODURained Out
Wednesday, May 194:00 pmODU9at CAA Tournament -- George Mason8
Thursday, May 204:00 pmODU7at CAA Tournament -- Richmond6
Friday, May 217:30 pmODU3at CAA Tournament -- ECU4
Saturday, May 224:00 pmODU10at CAA Tournament -- GMU3
Sunday, May 231:00 pmODU13at CAA Tournament -- ECU21

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BBall $24 Season Ticket Deposit
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